Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ELeavers.com and Clickbank

ELeavers.com and Clickbank

A big source of income for publishers with multiple websites and traffic for both publishers and advertisers is clickbank and affiliate vendors. 
ELeavers.com is one place where the effectiveness of these two tools can be easily maximized. 

It’s become fairly well known that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being made through clickbank and affiliate programs. They are used to help 

vendors and publishers to promote complementary products or services to your own on your site. Usually, reciprocity results in your products or 

services being promoted elsewhere as well. The best part is that just by becoming a member of clickbank, you are ensured connection with other sites 
and vendors willing to become your affiliates.

Whether or not they return the favor, you are automatically adding to your site’s value and its 
attractiveness to more traffic or a broader audience. 

The reason reciprocity (though welcome) is not a make-or-break factor is that as the publisher of an affiliate promotion, you can end up getting more 
than the vendor through clickbank, where it can yield up to 75% on each sale your affiliate relationship resulted in. 

But to reap the profits of the affiliate program, you have to get the audience to your site to begin with. In order to see income to your clickbank account,

you need to advertise or get advertisers and their income to your site. People brag about the thousands they make and it sounds like you’ve been doing

everything right, joined all the right sites, clicked the right products and nothing is happened. That’s because clickbank doesn’t always tell you 

everything. The key to a successful clickbank affiliate program these days is investing in the right advertising and marketing network. Right now, 
that network is eLeavers.com

ELeavers.com has made a name for itself as serious competition to Google AdSense. It charges little per click to advertisers, while yielding the highest 
percentage of sales to publishers. Accounts can be started for anything from $0-10 and there are no limits or requirements for time or spending. 

ELeavers.com guarantees unique visitors and has their own anti-fraud unit to prevent bots, fake or erroneous clicks. Their simple sign up process and 

turnaround time for both advertising and publishing make it a very time and cost efficient and painless investment. They screen and match sites and ads 
by content and screen out offensive and/or adult promotions. 

For people with more than one active site or affiliate program, eLeavers.com is ideal, allowing for one account to include multiple domains and ads can 

be applied to all of those sites simultaneously. Their recommended prices allow advertisers to bid just enough to get priority placement without having 

to guess how high they have to go. Bids can start as low as $.008 and be successful. There is no limit to affiliate links, which makes their service 
super efficient for big marketers or publishers. 

Eleavers.com is very easy to use, where Google AdWords can tend to be heavy on the tech knowledge required.  ELeavers is the best way to effectively use 

a clickbank and affiliate program, allowing you to generate the most leads and traffic for the least cost. In no time, both income and traffic increase 

with an eLeavers.com account, with the flexibility to change your plan or program daily, weekly or monthly according to success and income. 

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  1. As advertiser with them since 6 the last months, here are my observations:
    In first 5 months, I used to get with every 10,000 impressions 100 click and 2 sales.
    Since last month they add country targeting ads, so you can select to which countries your ads should show, since then with lots of trial and error, I started to get better results.
    Now I get these statistics: 5,000 impressions 100 clicks and 8 sales. these are averages and not exact figures.


  2. I make great income with eleavers.com
    They give high payments